Awakening Somatic Intelligence – Functional Anatomy applied to yoga poses (80 CEUs) Online format

Awakening Somatic Intelligence – Functional Anatomy applied to yoga poses (80 CEUs) Online format

“Awakening Somatic Intelligence” is our virtual training module focused on Functional Applied Anatomy, Art of Vinyasa Instruction and Somatics. If you are already a registered yoga teacher (RYT), you will be eligible for 80 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance upon the competition of this training. This online course is part of Bhakti Prema Yoga’s 300hrs Teacher Training program. Each module can be taken independently as a 80 CEUs course with Yoga Alliance, or all together for a 300hrs advanced teacher training course.


  • 18 online sessions
  • Guided pranayama practice
  • Intermediate to advanced vinyasa flow, sequenced with a peak pose in mind
  • 80 Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance upon completion (for RYTs only)
  • Possibility to attend other modules in order to complete 300-hours teacher training in 3 years
  • Possibility to take this module again in person at Floripa Kitesurf & Yoga House for free, and only pay for food and accommodation from the 25 July/2 August 2020 (minimum 5 people)
  • Online sessions’ timezone: Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)
  • Online sessions will be held over Zoom


The focus of this teacher training module is on Functional Applied Anatomy, Art of Vinyasa Instruction and Somatics. Students will understand the bio-mechanics involved in yoga poses and how to access a somatic experience through the postural practice. In this module we will also discuss how to guide our students into embodied experiences through our verbal guidance.

Most people come to yoga completely unaware of how deeply dis-embodied they are. Embodiment is the ability to get out of the prison of the thinking mind and instead experience the present moment through the feelings and sensations of the body.

Our societies have taught us to numb ourselves from bodily awareness and take permanent residency outside of the body and into the limited estate of our mind. Owing to that, we constantly analyze and dissect information, and when something happens to us, we go directly to the mind to make sense of it, usually having little awareness of how the body feels. Yoga practice brings us back into the present moment by working with embodiment.

Ameriga will teach the tenets of somatics and how to go beyond the body-mind split and reconnect with every moment as it is experienced by the body.

The online version of this module covers:

  • In-depth study of the musculoskeletal system. In this course we cover anatomy and skeletal variations for the following joints: hips, shoulders, and spine
  • Skeletal variations and how they apply to families of asanas and yoga poses. Understanding the difference between compression and tension.
  • Guiding a class: verbal cues and somatic experiences.
  • Teaching asanas as an embodied form of spirituality: leading a vinyasa class as a somatic movement practice.
  • Asana Labs: in-depth study of postures, that address their functions, and hence ways to modify, prop use and kramas by level.
  • Practice teachings classes which will focus on refining one’s cues and direction of the class without demonstrating the poses.

Participation to the live classes is mandatory for 60% of the classes. If you miss a class, you’ll be able to watch the recording afterwards, as they will be available for a few days. We recommend to watch it immediately after because a lot of theory is sequential.

Please note that we will held the module in person from July 25th to August 2nd, only with a minimum of 5 people signed up.

This course will be taught mostly by Ameriga Giannone, lead teacher at Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House.


    • S 10 May: Sunday Class 1 (8.00-15.00 CET)
    • T 12 May: (7.00-9.00 CET)
    • T 14 May: (12.00-14.00 CET)
    • S 17 May: Sunday Class 2 (8.00-15.00 CET)
    • T 19 May: (12.00-14.00 CET)
    • F 22 May: (7.00-9.00 CET)
    • S 24 May: Sunday Class 3 (8.00-15.00 CET)
    • T 26 May: (7.00-9.00 CET)
    • F 29 May: (12.00-14.30 CET)
    • 31 May: Sunday Class 4 (8.00-15.00 CET)
    • T 2 June: (7.00-9.00 CET)
    • F 5 June: (12.00-14.30 CET)
    • 7 June : Sunday Class 5 (8.00-15.00 CET)
    • T 9 June: (19.00-21.30 CET)
    • F 19 June: (7.00-9.30 CET)
    • T 23 June: (12-14.30 CET)
    • T 26 June: (19.00-21.30 CET)
    • S 28 June: Sunday Class 6 (8.00-15.00 CET)

Price for the online course will be 700 euros. If you need a payment plan- we can help you with that. 
If you have taken other TT modules with us, price is 600 euros

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