India Pilgrimage (50 CEUs)

India Pilgrimage (50 CEUs)

There’s nothing quite like a journey to India to deepen your practice and help you get closer to the heart of yoga. Centuries‐old religious traditions infuse every detail in this southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, from the temples to the trees. A journey through its colorful layers of history reveals an India unlike any other. We will experience Tamil Nadu’s diverse living history, which includes the monuments of long‐ago dynastic rulers, hermetic spiritual practices, and eccentric breakaway communities.

The journey will be enriched with daily yoga practices guided by Ameriga. These might be subjected to the local conditions, however, when possible, Ameriga will be guiding a daily vinyasa practice in the mornings, and evening satsangs on the cultural and spiritual aspects of the trip. The satsangs will cover Indian spirituality and religion, giving insights into how to navigate India’s complex temple rituals, and how to establish a living sadhana. 

The trail is inspired by Vedic astrology. It will take you to the world’s famous monumental heritage sights, but also surprise you by unknown ancient temples dedicated to nine planets called The Navagraha. In one of these temples dwells mysterious ‘The Palm Leaves Library’, which deposits manuscript with specific information of our past, present and future. It is believed, that the destiny of all the people is written there. Would you like to know yours? Follow‐us! 


Ameriga Giannone

Ameriga, E-RYT500, MSc in Anthropology and Development (London School of Economics) and currently MA candidate in Yoga Studies (University of Venice), is an avid student of Eastern Philosophies and soteriological disciplines since a young age.

Feeling a strong attraction to Asian cultures, she pursued her first University Degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures, and was introduced to Asian philosophies during her undergraduate studies. She spent her early youth living and traveling across different East Asian countries and at the age of 25, while living in Burma, she begun to practice vipassana meditation A few years later she was introduced to physical yoga. It was love at first asana and since then she has studied with profoundly inspiring teachers and collected over 2000 hours of formal trainings. She can be found on the students’ mat during the winter months every year, when she devotes her time to sadhana and research.

Ameriga’s classes eclectically blend together her experiences with different styles of postural yoga: from the Ashtanga elements, in particular the fondness for individual attention and hands-on assist, to Prana Flow yoga as expressed in the connection of movement with the breath wave, to Yin Yoga and its functional understanding of yoga asanas as evolving body shapes that cannot be conceived as fixed “poses”. 

She often sequences her flows in a mandala style, with emphasis on intentional movements, playfulness, breath work, somatic embodiment and compassionate adjustments. 

The teachers that have influenced her movement practice are Shiva Rea (with whom she has completed over 300 hrs of training), Meghan Currie, Vinay Kumar (Pranavashya Yoga), and several Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teachers, starting with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci, who inspired Ameriga to study Sanskrit, yoga philosophy and anatomy. Ameriga also visits the Ashtanga shalas of Nancy Gilgoff, Balu Tevar, and Lino Miele. She has also trained extensively in Yin Yoga with Jo Phee, studying also for advanced modules such as cadaver dissection.

Outside of the mat, Ameriga is very fond of the work of Soas’ Hatha Yoga Project and Chris Wallis, is an avid student of Tibetan buddhism and Sanskrit, and loves to play kirtan with her band, the Bhakti Sisters.

For infos on itinerary and costs, please contact Monica:
Ph +41 789725200

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