250 hours Teacher Training Program

250 hours Teacher Training Program

We offer two possibilities to train with us:

– either in a hybrid format (online + in person) for a “250 hrs Teacher Training Program”

– fully online for an “Online 200 hrs Teacher Training Program”

The Covid-19 crisis has changed the yoga industry dramatically. It has prompt the development of “Zoom Yoga” and the spread of online classes. It has opened a “global marketplace” where yoga teachers are no longer competing just with other teachers in town, but with teachers located everywhere in the world.

Setting up a yoga career is more challenging today than it used to be, requiring new skills (for example being able to teach in front of a camera without seeing the students, and promoting oneself on social medias) as well as a solid preparation on the art of sequencing, on functional anatomy and on the historical and philosophical roots of yoga.

Our 250 hrs Teacher Training Program is a thorough course that covers way beyond Yoga Alliance requirements both in terms of hours and of content.

Our students success stories are grounded in providing a course with lots of practice teaching experience, and in-depth classes that prepare the students to teach entry-level as well mixed level classes, both in solar and lunar methodologies.

Our course is also open to practitioners who do not want to teach, but are very passionate about yoga, want to create their own sequences, understand the origins of this practice, feel in need of a transformational experience and want to meet likely a likely-minded group of people.

Our main objective is to prepare the students to be able to teach both online and in person already during the course.

Because of that, the 250 HRS course is thought in “hybrid modality”, both online and in person.

Most of the theory and the “Practice Teaching Lab” are offered online (either in live classes or recorded videos), while the residential module “Art of Hands on Assisting” covers teaching in person and offering individual corrections and adjustments.

To complete our 250 HRS course, you need to take three modules:

  • Art of Hands on Assisting (in person, 70 hrs),
  • Path of Yoga (online, 150 hrs),
  • Integration (online, 30 hrs).

Full course duration: 9 of July to 20th of December, 2021.

Art of Hands on Assisting: 9-17 of July, 2021 @Yoga Shala Stagnone.

Price: 800 euros. (Price for course only, accommodation and meals need to be booked as extras).

Path of Yoga (POY): Recorded classes will be accessible from July 18th on our Virtual School Platform:https://bhaktipremayoga.teachable.comLIVE Zoom classes will run from 20 September to 29 of November, 2021 (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7-9 PM CET).

Integration: from December 1, 2021 to December 20, 2021 (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7-9 PM CET) + Teaching Exams.

For the online modules, class recordings will be available in case you miss the live sessions.

70 HRS module “Art of Hands on Assists”

This module Covers:

  • Asana Labs: in-depth study of postures, that address their functions, and hence ways to modify, offer hands-on adjustments, prop use and kramas by level.
  • Daily Vinyasa and Specialty Workshop on inversions, arm-balances and backbends.
  • Ethics of hands-on adjustments.
  • Intentions and Functions of hands-on assisting.
  • Stages to offer assists that are safe and effective.
  • Skeletal variations and how they apply to families of asanas and yoga poses.
  • Understanding the difference between compression and tension and applying it when “correcting” students.
  • Learn to assist over 40 postures from simpler to complex ones. This course covers most Primary Series adjustments and many second and third series assists, as well as vinyasa flow poses.

Schedule (might vary slightly):

8.00-10.00 Bhakti Prema Vinyasa Class

with embedded workshop for advanced hands-on adjustments.

11.00- 12. 30 Asana Lab /Teaching Lab

16.30-18.00 Teaching Lab

18.00- 19.30 Workshop


What if I Cannot come over to Sicily for the residential module?

While “Art of Hands on Assist” is the module we mostly recommend, you can also take either one of these two residential modules to complete your 250 hours Teacher Training program:

20th-28th AugustLiving Yoga: Bringing Transformative Yoga Philosophy in our Classes

10th-19th September Yoga Alchemy: Art of Sequencing Vinyasa and Mandala Flow”

Otherwise, if you only take the Online course you’ll receive a certificate for 200 hours Online Teacher Training

Online “Path of Yoga” and “Integration”Teacher Training (180 HRS)

Our two online 200 hrs modules are an in-depth, transforming program for passionate practitioners that want to bring their understanding of yoga to the next level.

You will be required to send homework in the format of video of yourself teaching- which is an invaluable learning tool.

Virtual mentoring from our teachers is probably one of the strongest assets of this course and will help you grow as a yogi and as a teacher.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Art of Sequencing: how to create creative and anatomically sound vinyasa flows for specific target areas/ peak poses.
  • How to offer variations and kramas when teaching mixed level classes.
  • How to instruct classes: use of cues and verbal instruction.
  • Functional anatomy. Drawing from the work of Paul Grilley, you will learn the most important 14 skeletal segments and 10 myofascial tissues that you need to be familiar with to create anatomically sound flow sequences and understand skeletal variations and their application to yoga poses.
  • Pranayama: theory and practice.
  • Building a solid structure for the students to anchor for their own self-practice of asanas, pranayama and kriyas.
  • A through and comprehensive overview of the development of Indian philosophies, religions and spiritual practices. The lectures cover contemporary academic debates, and resources are shared widely, to empower the students to further continue to study on their own.
  • Study history and philosophy with an academic approach (our lead teacher is MA in Yoga Studies).
  • Modern paths of Self-Reflection: transactional analysis, life-coaching, NLP, and Non-Violent Communication (NVC).
  • Introduction to the ethics and practical aspects of hands-on assists.
  • Specialty classes on inversions, arm-balances and backbends.
  • Plenty of practice teaching time with feedbacks for improvement.
  • 6 months mentorship with our teachers who will guide you through the process of bringing yoga into your life and becoming a skillful teacher.
  • Setting up a heart-centered business, marketing and social media use.
  • Introduction to the ethics and practical aspects of hands-on assists.
  • An amazing sangha, a community of likely minded people who will be your spiritual nest.
  • Bhakti Yoga: we will support the students interested in offering kirtan in their classes by giving them resources on harmoniums and how to play them.

200 hrs TT Reading List:

Recommended readings (not compulsory, but a good place to start):

  • Stephens, Mark 2010 “Teaching Yoga. Essential Foundations and Techniques” North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California
  • Keil, David 2014 “Functional Anatomy of Yoga. A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers”. Lotus Publishing, England
  • Maehle, Gregor 2012 “Pranayama. The Breath of Yoga” Kaivalya Publications, Australia
  • Tolle, Eckhart 2016 “A New Earth. Create a better life.” 10th anniversary Edition, Penguin Books.
  • Also, highly recommended:
  • Ray, Reginald 2008 “Touching Enlightenment. Finding Realization in the Body” Sounds True, Boulder, Colorado
  • Clark, Bernie 2016 “Your Body Your Yoga”, Wild Strawberry Productions

The students are required to also read the manual which is handed out on the first week of the training.

Many other readings and books will be shared during the course.


The course can be paid in installments or in one tranche with a discount:

—> Full payment discount:

2.300 euros instead of 2.500 euros.

WRITE US FOR INFO – we will follow up with you to let you know what’s happening, and send you more details on the program: love@yogawithameriga.com

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